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Wet lap begone!

Whether it's on our daily commute, evening exercise ride, or weekend cruise, the weather can change in an instant and getting wet in unexpected rainfall is an issue all cyclists deal with. 

Most cyclist’s will happily wear a waterproof jacket (or at least keep one in their bag), but wearing waterproof trousers requires a degree of commitment and planning that most of us simply don’t want to deal with. No one wants to stand on the side of the road and pull on an ugly pair of waterproof trousers at the first sight of rain, and leaving the house in them is almost as embarrassing. To top it all off, most waterproof trousers are extremely uncomfortable to wear while cycling. 


The Lap Shield solves every cyclist’s wet lap problem.  Simply attach to your handlebars and unfold when needed - it’s that easy.

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How it works

The area Lap Shield protects

When moving forward whilst cycling, rain hits the rider at an angle. This is why the lap region always gets soaked, even in the lightest of rainfall.  When Lap Shield is installed it protects the rider’s lap and upper leg region and gives some protection to the lower legs and feet.

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Compact storage

Lap Shield's ingenious design allows it to be compacted down to a small disk, simply by twisting the body structure. Out of the way and ready to use next time, whenever that may be.

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Unlike ponchos which act as a giant parachute, Lap Shield is aerodynamic to allow air flow to pass around the shield, preventing drag and riding resistance. 


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The Lap Shield can quickly and easily be removed from the mounting device. ​

Ideal to protect your Lap Shield from theft when you lock up your bike in public.

Quick clip removal

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Results of using Lap Shield

“When I would get caught in the rain on my commute to work before using Lap Shield, I’d arrive with what colleagues would call the 'tinkle rider' or 'piddle pedaler' look.


Now, thanks to using Lap Shield I can walk into the office confident in knowing that I don’t look like a tinkle rider any longer! Even when it’s been pouring with rain outside! So thanks Lap Shield, I owe you one.”

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